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[And her eyes do follow the path of his hand as he slides his down his chest, now taking a good look at him. Bela smiles and continues to watch his hand settle at his hip, her eyes darkening with desire.

She breathes out slowly when his fingers brush lightly along her arms, making the skin goose bump and tingle. All Bela can do is wait for him to carry on with whatever he had planned and do her best to be patient despite how much she wanted Michael. It didn't help that he was taking charge now and slowly removing her dress, giving her the most pleasant of sensations with his lips.

Bela visibly shivers, sighing quietly.

You know how to rile a girl up, Michael.

[She teases, bringing a hand up to remove one of the straps of her dress, the other quickly following. Bela still has her back to him, expecting Michael to turn her around and help her fully out of the dress.]

I intend to repay the favour.
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[One of the good things about keeping something casual was not needing to see each other all of the time. The occasional meet up or message worked just fine for Bela and Michael seemed content with that also; it was the perfect arrangement. Of course, she was still keen on being friends with him because it wouldn't work as well otherwise.

She makes her way up to the tenth floor and walks down the hall to his room, knocking on his door a few times.
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Name: Mary
DW username: fresleyforever
E-Mail: onsilksheets@gmail.com
IM: AIM: totaldeangirl
Plurk: @marymoo

Other Characters: N/A
Character Name: Bela Talbot
Series: Supernatural
Timeline: 3.15, Time is On My Side (after Dean encounters her in the hotel room)
Canon Resource Link: Link here

Character History: Not much is know about Bela's early childhood but what is established later is that she was abused physically (implied that it was sexually) by her father and this was ignored by her mother. It seemed like Bela was an only child and didn't seem to have any other friends, illustrated by her playing alone in a park in a flashback. Her real name is Abby.

She was fourteen years old when she made a deal with a demon called Lilith who told her that she could take care of her parents and that it wouldn't cost her anything for a whole ten years. Driven by her frustration and pain at what was happening to her, Bela took the deal and her parents died in a car crash a few days later; the brake lines of their car was cut and that led to their death. At the time, Bela didn't fully understand the full implications of the deal she made and would only learn this when she was older.

Bela inherited her family's fortune and it is assumed that she was taken care of by relatives or perhaps put into care. There isn't a lot of detail about her family life other than the mention of her parents. Between then and the moment she meets the Winchesters, it's implied that Bela learned more about the supernatural world and about hunters, but she didn't want to become one. It was money that she was after, and Bela decided that becoming a thief was the best option for her. This meant that she had to learn how to become one as well as carving out a career as a con-artist. She also changed her name and created a new identity for herself, instead of being Abby for the rest of her life.

Fast-forward to the year 2007 and Bela is on a job, looking for a rabbit's foot that brought you luck if you had it in your possession. But there was a downside: lose the foot and you were cursed with bad luck until it led to your death. The rabbit's foot in question was in a storage facility owned by the now deceased John Winchester and Bela hired two thieves to retrieve it for her, not wanting to do the dirty work for herself. The Winchesters find out about the missing foot and hunt down the thieves, taking the foot from them.

Their luck begins to change for the better and they find themselves at a diner. Unknown to them, Bela is aware of what happened and dons a waitress disguise so she can steal the foot back. She approaches the Winchesters' table and goes to top up Sam's coffee, spilling some of it on purpose as a distraction. While Sam is distracted, Bela swipes the foot and wraps it in a napkin before exiting the diner and heading back to her apartment in New York. The boys soon realise that the rabbit's foot was stolen after Sam's luck turns bad and Dean calls Bobby (a family friend and hunter) up for further information. He tells them about Bela and that he has a few contacts that can give them her location. Later, Bobby gives Dean her address in New York and he goes alone to track her down, leaving Sam in a hotel room for his own safety.

The buyer that Bela got the foot for is on the phone with her when Dean arrives outside her apartment, quietly breaking in. Bela arranges to meet with the buyer in an hour and after she hangs up, realises that there is an intruder. She grabs her concealed gun from a wine rack and walks through the apartment, pulling her weapon on Dean when she sees him. They have a talk and he learns about who she is and what she does before asking for the foot back. Bela tells him he can have it for $1.5 million dollars and a few not so kind words are exchanged before Dean says he's got to go after taking the foot back without Bela knowing. She shoots at him but its pointless-she misses because Dean has the luck.

She confronts the Winchesters in the graveyard while they are preparing to destroy the foot and end the cycle of bad luck. Bela shoots Sam in the shoulder as a warning and Dean agrees to give her the foot; but he makes sure that she touches it through trickery and she gets cursed. If Bela sold the foot now, her luck would become bad and then she'd die. She reluctantly hands it back to be destroyed, not at all happy with what happened. Before leaving them, she sneakily takes their winning lottery tickets and drives off, laughing.

The next time she comes across the boys is when they are investigating a ghost ship which causes people to die after they see it. They soon learn that Bela had been working with a woman they questioned and she tells them to keep out of her way. A while later, Bela comes to where the Winchesters are staying with information about the boat. In order to break the curse they have to destroy a hand of glory which was made from the right hand of a sailor on the boat. The hand is located in a nearby museum which is hosted by the woman the Winchesters spoke to earlier. Bela arranges for them to get invites to a gala hosted at the museum that night and she and Dean go to steal the hand whilst Sam keeps the woman busy.

It's soon revealed that Bela was tricking them, swiping the hand from Dean's pocket and replacing it with something else. She used them to steal the hand so she could sell it, already having a buyer lined up. Earlier, Bela saw the ghost ship and went to them for help, explaining how she used them. The Winchesters reveal that they figured out that the ship appears to people who've spilled their own family's blood. Bela pleads with them to help her and Dean refuses because she tricked them, but Sam works out a way and they save her life. As a thank you, Bela gives the Winchesters $10,000, stating that she doesn't like to be in anyone's debt.

Another hunter by the name of Gordon Walker tracks Bela down and knowing that she was with the Winchesters not so long, demands her to tell them where they are or he'll kill her. She's reluctant, saying that she doesn't respond well to threats. In the end, she tells Gordon where they are if he gives her a rare mojo bag she sees on his person (it's very valuable). He hands it over and Bela calls Dean, asking where he is. Sometime later, Dean calls Bela up and has an angry conversation with her, knowing that she was the one who sold them out to Gordon. She said she had no choice and Dean says the next time he sees her, he'll kill her. Not wishing to die, Bela contacts spirits to reveal the exact location of Gordon and she phones Dean to tell him where the other hunter is.

When their friend Bobby falls under a coma that gives him strange dreams, the Winchesters contact Bela to get them African dream root so they can enter Bobby's dream in a bid to bring him back to the waking world. Bela asks for nothing in return, saying that she's doing it for Bobby because he saved her life once. It's a ruse however and Bela stole the Colt (a mystical weapon that can kill almost any supernatural creature) from the safe in their hotel room whilst they were helping Bobby. Angered, Dean vows to go after her to get the Colt back.

The Winchesters think they have tracked Bela down in a hotel room but she's a few steps ahead of them and it's a trap she has set. Soon, the FBI come to the room to arrest them, giving Bela enough time to do what she wants to do with the stolen Colt. The boys end up in jail but after an attack by Lilith's demons at the prison they escape.

Both Sam and Dean are still hot on her tail as Dean's deal edges closer and eventually, he catches up to Bela. The encounter between them is quite tense, with Dean revealing that he knows about her deal and his assumptions on why she did it. He tells Bela that she got the demon to kill her parents to get their inheritance and how that sickened him. It's not the real reason of course and judging by the brief flicker of shock on her face when Dean tells her, Bela is not pleased. She doesn't give him the real reason, saying to him: 'They were lovely people. And I killed them. And I couldn't be bothered to give a damn.' Even on her last legs, Bela was defiant and never wanted anyone to know the truth.

Dean leaves her alone and goes on his way; Bela stole a receipt from his pocket to find out where he was staying in order to get out of the deal.

This is where I am taking her from.

Abilities/Special Powers: Bela doesn't have any powers or abilities per se but she can contact spirits and the dead through the use of an Ouija board. She uses this to acquire information for herself, mostly for her work. She can also conduct seances. Bela can blend into her surroundings and assume a different identity/alias if need be. This is useful for the con artist side of her job. She knows how to handle firearms (a handgun) and Bela would use it to protect herself if necessary.

Since she is primarily a thief, Bela is very nimble and quick, able to pick people's pockets without them noticing. She would also know how to crack a safe and pick locks to grant access to a room if it was locked.

As for her skills, Bela is good at manipulating people to get what she wants and make things go her own way. She knows how to flatter someone, accommodate their ego whilst having a secret agenda. Bela is a fast-thinker, quick on her feet and quite resourceful.

Third-Person Sample:

The winning scratch cards were in her possession and Bela was trying to decide how to spend the money. While it wasn't the usual payment she received from finishing a job, it was still enough to play with and have a good time. Dean was probably cursing her right now; she didn't give a damn. When she slipped the scratch cards out of his jacket pocket she saw it as compensation for her losses on the rabbit's foot. Losing one and a half million dollars would piss anyone off but Bela had managed to keep her cool and not lose her temper in front of the Winchesters, tempting as it was.

Maybe they could prove to be useful to her one day, given their knowledge of the supernatural world and the way they handled themselves was something to notice, even if they weren't exactly the brightest. Like with most things, they were disposable and there was a limit to how much they were useful. Bela had no real plans to become best friends with them and really, she didn't go out of her way to make friends with anyone- at least in a meaningful way. Pretending to be someone's friend in order to get what she wanted was much easier for Bela and a practice she had relied upon for quite some time. It was smarter to not let herself form close relationships with anyone. Doing that meant she would have to trust them and trust didn't come easily for Bela when she was hurt at a young age by those whom were supposed to protect and love her.

The walls she had closed around herself were strong and hard to break. Walls that were strengthened by her wit, charm and often, her manipulative tendencies. For someone who lived the high life and indulged in many different ways, Bela could consider herself lonely at times, but only in her darkest moments. Times in which she realised that the clock was ticking and she needed to find a solution to get her out of the deal that was hanging over her head before it was too late.

Dwelling on those thoughts would not do her much good so Bela stopped herself, focusing on the winnings that were going to be transferred into her account. They could go towards a break in Italy or an apartment in France; better yet, some ammunition and perhaps a new gun. Protection was vital in her line of work and the presence of a gun usually put the odds in her favour.

Failing that, Bela could always just blow it all on champagne, chocolate and Egyptian cotton sheets. Yes. That would do. She could do with a little indulgence.

Life was too short after all.

First-Person Sample:

(NB: I'm writing this sample as if Bela has been here for some time)

[The feed clicks on to show Bela in her room, looking perfectly coiffed. For someone who was due to die back home, she sure isn't showing any signs of despair over it.]

The longer I remain here, the further I go down the rabbit hole.

[She smirks. Points to anyone who picks up on that rather obvious reference.]

Take away the annoyances of this place as well as the life-threatening situations and you realise that here isn't as bad as you think. A lot of you seem to be able to cope; I'd call that admirable but I'm not the type to just throw praise in just about anyone's direction.

[Unless they had something to give her of course. Only then was Bela full of compliments.]

What I am curious about is how you are able to cope. How do you keep going? The ones among you who are so inherently good and righteous- [a roll of the eyes there] -do you have any vices? Or do you just get a smug sense of satisfaction from helping someone who may not have even wanted it in the first place.

[The feed ends there as Bela finishes with what was on her mind.]


Aug. 15th, 2012 03:34 pm
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Comments, complaints and critiques on how I play Bela to go here please. I would really love to hear your feedback.

-Comments are screened and anonymous comments are enabled.

-IP logging is off too.
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Your Name: Mary
OOC Journal: [personal profile] fresleyforever
Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: No
Email | IM: onsilksheets@gmail.com | totaldeangirl
Characters Played at Ataraxion: N/A

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Out of Character Information

player name: Mary
player livejournal: fresleyforever
playing here: None
where did you find us? Through other players
are you 16 years of age or older?: Yes

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warnings: None
effects: Anxiety, panic, loneliness.

dream behind cut )

[Bela wakes up with a start, looking around herself quickly, not realising that her Dreamberry has broadcasted everything. She takes in deep breaths in an effort to calm herself down, drawing the blankets around herself before laying her head back on her pillow.

Then the feed cuts.
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Is it normal practice for this place to send you into some kind of sleep coma for a period of time?

[Guess who sounds grumpy, disgruntled and tired? This girl right here.]

I only ask because I woke up a few days ago to discover that it's now August instead of July.

[There's an audible sigh.]

Anyone here want to give a girl a little bit of insight? Still being fairly new to here and all.

Oh, and a tour wouldn't go amiss either.
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[The feed clicks on to reveal Bela sitting on a chair, one leg crossed over the other. She's looking well put together for someone who just woke up in a strange world about a week ago. Elegant, coiffed and effortlessly styled-a sure fire way to get someone's attention.]

Now that I know that there are people around, I just need one little piece of information.

[A pause before her lips curl up into a slight smirk.]

Where's the nearest decent bar? I need a drink.
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[Player name] Mary
[Age] 25
[Personal Journal] [livejournal.com profile] fresleyforever
[Other characters currently played] N/A

[Character name] Bela Talbot
[Age] 24
[Canon] Supernatural
[Point in time taken from canon] Post "Jus in Bello" (season 3, episode 12)

[Background] here


Bela is sarcastic, witty and can come off as quite cold when you first meet her. Always wanting to get one up on people, she uses her charm to flatter them and massage their ego so she can get what she wants. Fiercely independent, she has always relied on herself to get by and this is mostly driven by her occupation. She is confident and outgoing when it comes to social events, but doesn't seek to be the centre of attention. Bela likes to manipulate people to achieve her goals, not caring about the consequences of her actions. Pride is important to Bela, she would never normally ask someone for help unless it was an emergency. She also hates being indebted to people and likes to settle a score either through payment or information. If you're on her side, she'll treat you well; cross her, and you're asking for trouble.

Bela is quite intelligent and has a solid knowledge of the supernatural world, which is very important in her line of work. She shows a keen interest in anything to do with the arts or history, which also made her choose her career path; she is also very articulate and scholarly, having a great love for literature. Bela likes money as it fulfils the lifestyle that she leads and would do almost anything to get it. She is very elegant in her mannerisms and the way that she carries herself in front of others, maintaining a polite persona when it is required.

Not only is Bela a thief, she is a con artist: easily slipping into different roles and aliases, using this tactic for when she is on a job for a client. Using her charm and wit to lull people into a false sense of security is something that she likes to do if needed. Bela is not above using her beauty or seduction skills to complete a task; she understands that it is a method that can have quite effective results. She has even played the 'damsel in distress' card, faking a swoon in order to obtain a particularly valuable item. Essentially, Bela uses all the tools and skills that she has to achieve her goals, even if she wouldn't like some of her actions at times.

However, there is a quiet and vulnerable side to Bela that most people don't get to see because she doesn't like to show it; she finds it hard to let others in. Due to what happened to her as a child, Bela doesn't trust people easily and has trouble building up relationships. She has built walls around herself and maintains a front to deceive people, afraid to show her true nature. This would explain why she abandoned her original name and life; Bela Talbot is this persona that she has created to hide behind. When she was Abby, she never got the love she craved from her parents. They abused her and this played an important part in shaping who she was.

She substitutes money for love, always wanting to acquire luxuries and drive around in her upmarket car. There is not much known about Bela's love life or how she views sexual relationships. However, she's not afraid to use her wiles or her forwardness to achieve what she wants. She is attracted to Dean Winchester, given how she said to him once: "You know, when this is over, we should really have angry sex." It could have been interpreted as a way of getting under his skin, throwing him off his game, but there are other occasions when she flirts with him. Sam Winchester is the one who had the sex about her, but she never acts as if she is attracted to him.

Her encounters with the Winchesters are certainly interesting; little by little it unveils some more of her personality and how she views the world. They can't believe that she would exploit her knowledge of the supernatural world to gain money and she doesn't share a very favourable view on hunters, telling them: "Come on! You do this out of vengeance and obsession. You're a stone's throw from being a serial killer." She is willing to sell people out if it saved her own skin and she did this once to the Winchesters, when she told Gordon Walker (a hunter driven to kill Sam) their location. Bela even went as far to call the FBI on the brothers as a way of leading them off her trail after she stole the Colt from them. There isn't a limit to what Bela would do to survive; she was willing to kill Sam to get out of her deal.

[Abilities] Bela doesn't have any powers or abilities per se but she can contact spirits and the dead through the use of an Ouija board. She uses this to acquire information for herself, mostly for her work. Bela can blend into her surroundings and assume a different identity/alias if need be. This is useful for the con artist side of her job. She knows how to handle firearms (a handgun) and Bela would use it to protect herself if necessary.

Since she is primarily a thief, Bela is very nimble and quick, able to pick people's pockets without them noticing. She would also know how to crack a safe and pick locks to grant access to a room if it was locked.

[Other important stuff] N/A

[Sample post]

[First Person]

If I offered to save your soul for a price, would you go with it and why?

Depends on the price, really. My soul already belongs to hell. I'd question whether or not you'd have the power to break that kind of contract in the first place. But if you're offering…

Do you prefer adventure or the peaceful life?

Adventure. Life would be so dull without a little bit of danger.

If someone provoked or attacked you, what would you do?

I'd try to reason with them, see if I could work my way out of it. If they don't want to take that, well, I'd just have to think of another way to deal with them. Got a strong survival instinct after all.

What is more important to you: having friends or living on your own? Why?

Living on my own is much more important. Having other people around only lends itself to a distraction and I can't have that. Especially in my line of work. Looking out for one person is a whole lot easier than looking out for several. So, I'll pass on the friends.

If you were to describe yourself in one sentence, what would that be?

Intelligent, charming, witty, and just a little bit dangerous. Not your average girl.

Would you consider yourself a hero or a villain? Why? Neither is an option as well, but still tell why.

Villain is such a strong word, sweetie. I don't tend to choose a side or put myself in a category. I'm on my own side and that's how it's always been. Still. There are people out there who would picture me as a villain but their opinion means nothing to me.

You are on the verge of death. You know there is no way to survive and there's no coming back. Choose any of the following to answer: What is your last wish? Your last regret? Last thoughts? How do you feel? Who is the last person you think of other than your killer? (can answer more than one of these question, but it will at most count as 2 questions)

Is this the part where I have to outpour my true feelings and unburden my soul? [There#s a laugh.]

My death is signed, sealed and not quite delivered. I'm working on the part to get out of it. But if you want me to answer, then I'll play ball.

My last wish would be for that scheming bitch Lilith to die. She owns the contract on my soul after all. I'd feel utter despair because I would die alone. I never needed people while I was alive but death is different. I think that everyone would love someone to hold their hand before they passed on. To know that they would be missed. To know that they were loved…

God. What a pile of emotional drivel. See what you made me do? I'm not pleased.

[Third Person]

When Bela first arrived here, she wasn't quite sure what to make of it. This world was entirely different to her own and it had taken her a while to adjust. Somehow, she had found herself down by the lake; a perfect spot to do some thinking and have peace to reflect on her time spent here so far. It also gave her time to think about what had happened before she came here. As she looked out onto the crystal clear lake, Bela thought about the conversation she had on the phone with Dean and what he had said to her. That he was going to kill her the next time they met.

Of course, he had reason enough to do so. After all, Bela did steal the Colt from him-the one thing that would lead to him getting out of his deal. The way she saw it was that she needed it more as she had run out of ideas to get herself out of her own deal with a demon. She was desperate and didn't think twice about taking something so important from Dean and his brother, Sam. It was only a few weeks until her deal was due and Bela would be sent to hell. No one knew the true reason why she had done it in the first place and Bela never shared that reason. They couldn't possibly understand.

A water bug skittered across the top of the lake, making circles and Bela watched as they grew wider across the still water, interested in the patterns that they made. She always had an eye for detail which was perfect for her career as a thief and a con-artist. Having the ability to watch people and gauge their behaviour was the best way to work out how to manipulate them, make them do what she wanted. The items that Bela stole back home were of a supernatural nature and she had used this to her advantage: tapping into a market which was unknown to most people in her world. Bela knew what objects were fakes and what would make her a decent sum of money so she could continue to fund the lifestyle that she gotten used to for the past few years.

Gaining a lot of wealth wasn't the only reason why Bela had pursued this particular career or seek out those kind of objects. She believed that she could find something that could save her soul from hell and that's how Bela heard about the Colt in the first place. The plan was simple: all she had to do was hand the Colt over to Lilith and then her contract would be torn up, her soul safe. That's what Bela held onto once she had stolen the gun from the brothers. It gave her hope. After many years of trying, she would finally be free of the burden that had plagued her for so long. No longer would Bela have to be afraid.

The sound of a bird flying chirping in the trees drew Bela back to where she was sitting right now. Here, she was away from Dean and his threats. Away from the inevitable end of her deal. She didn't have to deal with that. In a way, Bela was safe in this world. No one here knew the entire truth about her and she had created a new identity for herself almost. Just like she had done before when she no longer went by Abby. That name died when Bela chose to embark on a life of thievery. She couldn't be that scared little girl anymore if she wanted to survive.

That simply wouldn't do at all.

[Why do you want to play this character in Somarium?] I really like the concept of the game and I'm interested in seeing how Bela would react to a place such as this. I also want to explore if Bela would try to make it on her own here or form alliances, because she isn't the type to try and build up friendships. She has also dealt with a lot of strange things in her life, but I'm sure she'd find even more weird things in this game setting.

[Which rule was your favorite and why?] The rule about allowing animal and robot characters. I like having these kind of characters within a game.

[Where did you hear about Somarium?] I heard about the game from other players.

[Any questions?] None.


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